Weddings for Once in a Lifetime Loves


If you were to ask an events planner why they chose their career most will talk of always wanting to make people happy but secretly they’re thinking about their bank balance. I will tell you the real and honest reason why A World of Events is launching and the real and honest reason why we’re events planners.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. It’s a day that the bride, the groom and those beloved family and friends celebrate a once in a lifetime a love; a love that conquers all.

My wedding day was just that. It wasn’t a charade that was handled with no personal touches; it was planned with as much love and attention to detail as it deserved. I knew that this marked the rest of our lives as a couple and what we would eventually look back on with our grandchildren when we were old, grey and envious of our younger selves.

I had the princess dress, the handsome groom and a best friend that had helped me organise the entire magic of it all. It may not have been easy but it was something that changed our hearts and lives forever.

Daniel and I have known each other for twelve years and have always been passionate about events and bringing them to life. At the tender age of eleven, we were gallivanting around Canterbury city centre with a clipboard and pen negotiating discounts with companies that were older than our parents. We thrived on the early adrenaline and enjoyed putting all of our effort into creating something that brought pleasure to people.

By the age of eighteen, we had arranged over twenty events together and raised over £5000 for charities across the country. However, I then moved to London to pursue my creative passions and Daniel began his career in his hometown of Whitstable where we continued to dabble separately in events and organising.

I decided to get married in a EUREKA spur of the moment. I’d been engaged for two years and suddenly had the urge to throw caution to the wind and book the next available date with the venue of our choice.

Soon enough, Daniel and I were back into events mode and using our knowledge and skills of the business to make four weeks preparation work in our favour. We had a strict budget, limited options and most companies holding up a ‘no room at the inn’ sign when approached.

After endless lists, plans, schedules and phone calls, things started to take shape. We had one of our contacts, an expert stylist, help pick out my beautiful wedding dress that was floor-length with a diamante broach and a long satin bow draped across the waist. We then had my groom’s suit fitted and bought with personalised cufflinks with his initials which was a classic touch.

Outfits chosen, we had food and entertainment to think about. I have always been a huge fan of Italian food so we decided to use our discount negotiating skills to find a caterer willing to do us a cut price for a wedding that was merely weeks away. Our charm paid off.

Entertainment was tricky and we knew we’d have to improvise. I didn’t want a traditional band or singer so we decided to make it extra fun. We booked a psychic for my groom and I and for all of our guests and a cocktail shaker that would teach our guests anything they liked!

Regardless of all of this, the lack of a photographer was playing heavily on my mind. I didn’t want to remember my day through an IPhone image of my windswept hair so we worked day and night to find a professional. Luckily, we’d known a photographer for a couple of years that was willing to work at a massive cut price and was available for the ceremony.

After designing the decoration, working with the florist on the perfect colour selection for a bouquet, choosing and arranging the cars to get us to the ceremony and so many other things, we knew we were in the midst of something perfect.

We also managed to book a pampering session for the day before the wedding to relieve all the future stress of a husband that won’t put his washing in the wash bin and a fun-packed day for the groom to remember how to have fun before he got into marriage.

In four weeks, we pulled off a wedding day that was like Disneyland Paris at Christmas. It gave me so much warmth and love and when I look back at that day, I feel beyond content. It is this feeling that pushed Daniel and I to form our own events planning company. We wanted to create this exact feeling for everyone else out there who is getting married or who wants a birthday/christening/graduation etc that they can have in their beautiful memory box forever.

Our promise to you is that we will put as much love, time and effort into your events as my wedding and all our previous events. We will work to create your dream event in the hope that you will get that exact feeling that I experienced on May 12th 2014. Feel free to visit for more information.

Thank you.


A World of Events – Brand New Events Planning Service!

Creative. Affordable. Unbelievable. Three words you’ll be telling your friends about our brand new events company – A World of Events!

A World of Events is launching this Spring in London and the South East and you’ll be crazy not to book with us.

We provide the BEST service for the BEST price with our superb directory of top-notch contacts ranging from delicious, five star caterers to beautiful venues. Whatever your budget, our experts can work one on one with you to ensure you get everything you want from your event.

Don’t want to pull too tight on your purse strings? Give us a call and book your FREE consultation. We’ll listen to exactly what you want from your event and come back to you with a range of fantastic ideas. If you’re sat there thinking you’re way too busy to meet for a consultation we have the ideal solution for you – we can Skype, call you or simply meet you somewhere convenient during a work lunch break or whilst you’re out and about!

A World of Events is all about giving YOU exactly what you want from an event. Our working days start at 8am and finish at 10pm allowing you to contact us whenever you need to regarding an idea or a concern. We like to keep a personal approach with all our customers and always give the highest standards of service possible.

We do events for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, stag nights/hen nights, baby showers, launches – anything you can think of, we do it!

Why us? You might ask. Well for starters, we charge by the event as opposed to by the hour like our competitors. This allows us to spend maximum amount of time on your event. We also give you a choice of weekly/fortnightly updates on how your event is coming along once you’ve booked with us. We have a wide range of contacts that are experienced, passionate and on board to make your event perfect – our make-up artists and stylists offer free trials. Just to really show you why we are the number one choice for you, we offer you a 10% discount off your next event when you refer a friend to us!

For all other information or for general queries, feel free to contact our management team on their company emails or or alternatively you can call on 07709981505/07709981506

If you want to see exactly what we’re all about, check out our website

We look forward to hearing from you!